The Gingerbread Man
Lpw unknown roster
Billing information
Born Unknown
Height 3 ⅛ in.
Weight 290 calories
Billed From The Gingerbread House
Music "On the Good Ship Lollipop" by Shirley Temple
Affiliation Little Red Riding Hood
Wrestling information
Alignment Face
Style Style
Match history
N/A wins
N/A losses
Trophy case
Currently none

The Gingerbread Man is a cookie made of gingerbread. He formerly resided on the Insanity brand for Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW). He was created by Insanity General Manager, Little Red Riding Hood, with a cup of butter at room temperature, one cup of sugar, two eggs, four cups of flour, a teaspoon of vanilla, one and a quarter cups of salt, a teaspoon of ginger, eight teaspoons of buttermilk, four teaspoons of cinnamon, three cups of nutmeg, and a pinch of pot. The recipe came from the Muffin Man.

During the Homecoming Draft, Little Red drafted the Gingerbread Man with the 21st overall selection, but was later informed that cookies were ineligible to be drafted. After Little Red stripped The Rik of the LPW Transatlantic Championship, she awarded the title to the Gingerbread Man, but when she presented the title to the cookie man, both of his arms broke off.