Robert Lillehammer
Billing information
Born Unknown
Height 5 ft. 11 in.
Weight 189 lbs.
Billed From Flag of the United States Rochester, New York
Music "Born in the U.S.A." by Bruce Springstein
Wrestling information
Alignment Republican
Style Technical
Match history
6 wins
7 losses
Trophy case
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Robert Lillehammer (born in Rochester, New York) is an American color commentator, radio host, former professional e-wrestler, and former political consultant to Sen. John McCain during his Republican Party domination for the 2008 presidential election. Currently, he serves as a color analyst for Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) on its Pyromania brand.

Lillehammer formerly competed for LPW when it was named the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance (PWA), where he won the PWA Television Championship. He is a hardcore right-wing Republican, patriotic to the extreme, and hates anything Canadian and not in the United States' interest, including superstars from non-American countries.


From humble beginnings in Rochester, New York, Robert Lillehammer rose to become one of the most popular and controversial conservative voices in radio and on television. He was renowned for violently losing his temper in the middle of a debate and lashing out with venomous name-calling and much finger-pointing.

Unfortunately, after countless debates that devolved into vitriolic shouting matches, Robert’s attacks turned from verbal to brutally physically. During a particularly loud argument with ACLU spokesman and civil attorney, Bill Rosenberg, the commentator flew into a frothing rage, yanked Rosenberg out of his seat, and sent him flying through the air and into the background of the shows' set.

While the incident brought Lillehammer's ratings to the highest in the show's history, the legal consequences carried a grave cost both financially and to Robert’s broadcast career. To avoid complete bankruptcy, he was forced to agree to a settlement that would ease his personal financial burden, but came with one condition; Robert must agree not to renew his contract, effectively abandoning his TV and radio show.

Low on money and with few other career options, Robert made a last-ditch effort to get back on television and spread his message to a new conservative audience; he decided to try his luck as a professional wrestler. After only 6 months of training (supervised by Chuck “Walker Texas Ranger” Norris) he signed a contract with LPW and immediately made a huge impact on the organization. His unique mixture of far right-wing politics and unchecked aggression made him a fierce opponent on the mic and in the ring. In only a few months time he was recognized as the Rookie of the Year and won the PWA Television Championship from Al Boo Boo after a prolonged and bitter feud.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • The Final Word
    • Roundhouse Kick to the Head!
  • Favorite moves
    • Snap Suplex
    • Northern Lights Suplex
    • Vertical Suplex
    • Standing Lariat
    • Bulldog
    • Drop Toe Hold
    • Standing Dropkick
  • Nicknames
    • The Radical Republican
    • The Uncompassionate Conservative
  • Music
    • "Amerika" by Rammstein
    • "Born in the U.S.A." by Bruce Springstein

Championships and accomplishments

Match history

Result Record Winner(s) Loser(s) Event Date Notes Score
zLoss 6-7 T.J. Rage Robert Lillehammer (c) The Rising April 16, 2007 Lost PWA Television Championship 0.00
zLoss 6-6 Headbanger, T.J. Rage, and Homicide Robert Lillehammer, X, and Blackwell Pyromania 9.4 March 18, 2007 Six-Man Tag Team match N/A
zLoss 6-5 The Misfits (Edible and Trey Spruance) Robert Lillehammer and Sockoman Pyromania 9.3 February, 2007 Tag Team match N/A
zWin 6-4 Robert Lillehammer (c) Edible Pyromania 9.2 January 14, 2007 Retained PWA Television Championship N/A
zLoss 5-4 Headbanger (c) Robert Lillehammer Pyromania 9.1 December 2006 PWA United States Championship match N/A
zWin 5-3 Robert Lillehammer Al (c) Homecoming (2006) November 29, 2006 Won PWA Television Championship in Street Fight N/A
zWin 4-3 Team Al (Al, Robert Lillehammer, Random, and Eddie Hooper) Team Zuma (Zuma, Sheepster, Styxx, and Tromboner Man) Altered Reality III November 1, 2006 4-on-4 Tag Team Elimination match 4.21
zLoss 3-3 Al Boo Boo (c) Robert Lillehammer Schizos Wild September 19, 2006 PWA Television Championship match N/A
zWin 3-2 Robert Lillehammer Boss Foxx Schizo LIVE from Oklahoma City August, 2006 Number One Contenders' match for PWA Television Championship N/A
zWin 2-2 Robert Lillehammer "Sick" Nick Schizo LIVE from Nashville July, 2006 Singles match 4.60
zLoss 1-2 Trey Spruance Robert Lillehammer Vertigo 8.1 June, 2006 Singles match N/A
zLoss 1-1 Al Boo Boo Robert Lillehammer Revelations June, 2006 Number One Contenders' match for PWA Television Championship N/A
zWin 1-0 Robert Lillehammer and Wevv Mang The Misfits (Edible and Trey Spruance) Schizo LIVE from Tampa Bay May, 2006 Tag Team match N/A

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