Promotion Psychotic Wrestling Alliance
Starring Schizophrenia
Date November 29, 2006
Venue Madison Square Garden
City Flag of the United States New York City, New York
Insanity event chronology
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Altered Reality III
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At All Costs
Pyromania event chronology
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Altered Reality III
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The Rising

Homecoming was an e-wrestling supershow that was produced by the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance (now known as Lords of Pain Wrestling). The event took place on November 29, 2006 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The event was showcased by the second-ever PWA Draft, where every wrestler on the roster was re-drafted by the federation’s two brands, Schizophrenia and Pyromania.


With the first overall pick, Schizophrenia selected fan favorite Television Champion, Al. Pyromania drafted cYnical with the second overall pick, but shockingly traded their most recognized superstar to Schizophrenia for draft picks. cYnical saw the move as betrayal and helped fuel his displeasure with PWA management (he eventually formed The Uprising as a result). With the third pick, Pyromania selected the appointed International Heavyweight Champion, D. Hammond Samuels.

The night’s main event featured a classic War Games match that saw Team Spectre defeat Team SoL. The surprising final entrant (and mystery partner) for Team Spectre turned out to be the retiring World Heavyweight Champion Pen. It would be the final match for Pen, who had won the Martinez Cup at Altered Reality III the night before. It would also mark the final match for Spectre, as he was announced as the new GM of Pyromania.

In other notable matches, Headbanger finally got his revenge on The Rabbi by defeating him for the United States Championship, Robert Lillehammer was able to defeat number one draft pick Al for the Television Championship, and cYnical became the first wrestler to defeat the monstrous Krimson Mask.


# Matches Stipulations Notes
* Rogue defeated Jeff Watson Singles match Rogue pinned Watson after The Hero’s Welcome
* Stallion defeated Blackwell Singles match Stallion pinned Blackwell after hitting a gutbuster on the barricade
* Harry Munchkins defeated S.S.D.D. Singles match Munchkins pinned S.S.D.D. with a rollup
* Norwegian Beast defeated Krippler Hellcore match Beast pinned Krippler after hitting a clothesline with his steel-plated elbow
1 Headbanger defeated The Rabbi (c) No DQ, United States Championship match Headbanger pinned Rabbi after landing a shooting star press with a steel chair in hand
2 The Rik defeated Styxx Singles match The Rik pinned Styxx after throwing powder in his eyes and pinning him with a schoolboy
3 Bloodrose defeated BiggiE First Blood Money in the Bank Match Bloodrose busted open BiggiE by shoving his head into the steel ringpost and opening the wound with punches
4 cYnical defeated Krimson Mask Singles match cYnical pinned Mask after hitting him with the Cleansed Championship belt[a]
5 Red Dragon defeated Damion Kross Singles match Dragon pinned Kross with an inside cradle.
6 Robert Lillehammer defeated Al (c) Television Championship Street Fight Match Lillehammer pinned Al after hitting The Final Word powerbomb on a steel chair[b]
7 Sockoman defeated Magic Singles match Sockoman forced Magic to submit to The Cottonmouth
8 D. Hammond Samuels (c) defeated N'itomniskittel International Heavyweight Championship match Ham pinned Skittles with the Hasbeen’s Reckoning
9 Team Spectre (Spectre, "Sick" Nick, Trey Spruance, White Falcon, Sick Fixx, and Pen) defeated Team SoL (SoL, Dalby Sound, Random, Zuma, King NPD, and X) War Games Match Sick Fixx forced Random to submit to The Big Come Down in a submission race against SoL (who had the SoLmission locked on Spectre) to see who would tap first[c][d]
  • a Before the match, cYnical rechristened the Western States Heritage Championship as the Cleansed Championship.
  • b After the match, Lillehammer nailed Zuma with the TV title and stuffed both Al and Zuma in the same bodybag.
  • c During the match, Spectre planted Random with a Spectre Spyke on top of the cage. The move sent both men crashing to the mat. Random missed several months due to injury after the move.
  • dd Stone made a cameo appearance by seconding SoL, his former Westside Connection partner. During the match, Stone attacked Trey Spruance of The Misfits, prompting fellow Misfit Headbanger to come out from the locker room. Headbanger laid Stone out on the announce table and landed a guillotine leg drop from the top of the cage through the table.

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Main article: 2006 PWA Draft

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