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Billing information
Born In The Times Before The Light
Height 6 ft. 2 in.
Weight 265 lb.
Billed From The Dream Realm
Music "Black Water" by Symphorce
Affiliation The Awakened
Wrestling information
Alignment Face
Style Power / Technical / All-Around
Match history
38 wins
7 losses
Trophy case
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Morpheus is a professional e-wrestler that currently performs for Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) on its Insanity brand. He first competed as part of the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance (PWA) on the Pyromania brand during its third season. He is a former PWA Hardcore Champion, was ranked #1 in the inaugural Apex 25, and also won the 2006 Escape Artist Tournament, the finals of which were contested in an Elimination Chamber.

After a four-year hiatus, he returned at Homecoming (2010). He's been on a monstrous tear since that return, including a (so-far) three-year-long reign with the LPW World Heavyweight Championship, a brief LPW Undisputed World Tag Team Championship reign with his estranged son Azreal and the formation of perhaps the most dominant stable in LPW history, The Awakened.


Born in the Times Before The Light, Morpheus has stood at the table of the Endless, charged with the defense and operation of the Dream Realm, and the void between the Dream and Waking Worlds where the two intersect. After eons and epochs of standing outside, he attempted to become part of the mortal menagerie, joining the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance and forming the Paragon with Jaro and Takeover. After a while, his duties superseded his desires, and he returned to the Dream Realm, leaving his wrestling careeer behind. Years passed, and Morpheus found himself drawn to return to his old stomping grounds, newly rechristened Lords of Pain Wrestling, in an attempt to save reality from imminent destruction. He has joined with like-minded individuals who contain the potential for wielding the power of Dreams to prevent the end of all things. Destiny calls...


Morpheus made the journey from our nightmares to the Psychotic Wrestling Alliance in July 2005. Signed to the Pyromania brand of the PWA, it was hoped he would be one to help rebuild the struggling brand, after it was utterly dominated at the cross brand extravaganza, Altered Reality 2. In his debut match, he joined an elite club of LPW Veterans who have drawn a match in their career. Morpheus to this day remains the only person in PWA/LPW history to achieve this on debut. UPDATE: No longer true, as Haemoglobin also drew his first match! Or, perhaps still true, because as was revealed later, Haemoglobin was actually Tromboner Man.

His unique style of wrestling saw him rise quickly through the ranks of the PWA, having matches with established stars such as Rainman and cYnical, before earning himself a Hardcore Championship match as part of the 5 man "Escape from New York" title match at Rumble in the Bronx. In a stunning upset, Morpheus won the belt, outlasting the favorites, Robb and the Champion Styxx, to take home his first title.


Thus began perhaps the most dominating Hardcore title reign in history. Morpheus quickly aligned himself with the International Heavyweight Champion, Jaro, and dominant ass hole, Takeover, to form the super power, known as the Paragon. Using his connections through the Paragon, Morpheus was able to spread his dominance through all levels of the federation. After defeating Styxx in a House of Pain match at Prevalance, Morpheus took up the challenge of the Escape Artist Tournament. After four gruelling rounds, where Morpheus was pitted against some of the very best in the PWA, including long time rival Styxx, cYnical, Sheepster, Blackwell and Biggie, Morpheus qualified for the Elimination Chamber final at Capital Punishment. In the main event of the Pay-Per-View, Morpheus outlasted Bat-Robb, Zuma, Son of Repoman, N'itomniskittel and Bloodrose to win.

His reward would be the General Manager's position for Pyromania 8.1, where in the main event, he turned his back on co-Paragon Member, Jaro, and forced him into a non-title “House of Pain” bout. In a remarkable turn of events, the Hardcore Champion upset the International Heavyweight Champion in the brutal match up. For this, he was awarded the number 1 spot on the inaugural Apex 25, a feat no Hardcore Champion has achieved since.

Morpheus as a Color Commentator in FMW.

Unbeknowst at the time, this would end up being the highlight of Morpheus' short PWA career. At Pyromania 8.2, he would drop the Hardcore Championship to dominating rookie Retribution. Amidst the tragedy known as Pyrogate, he would go on to lose to long-time associate and rival Zuma at One Way Ticket, and then would unsuccessfully captain an elimination team at Altered Reality Three, as team SoL managed to defeat the best team Pyromania could make. Morpheus would not wrestle again for the PWA, and was quietly released from his contract shortly after the supershow.

A short time later, Morpheus resurfaced as a commentator in rival federation FMW, but refrained from stepping into a wrestling ring while with the company. The general public of LPW have voted the Master of the Dream Realm to number 25 on the All Time Greatest Apex 25; a fitting tribute that this count down began with the man who topped the first Apex ever produced.

And now, people should be careful what they wish for, because he's back, and he's on a mission. His motives seem clear, but the underlying cause may be anyone's guess...

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • The Dream Vortex (F-5 Spin into a Spike DDT finish)
    • The Nightmare (Rock Bottom with leg hooked [arm hooked under leg instead of arm for additional height and easy pin combination])
    • The Deep Sleep (Million Dollar Dream with body scissors)
  • Signature moves
    • R.E.M. (Impaler/Spike DDT)
    • The Sacrifice (Sit Down Crucifix Power Slam)
    • Shock and Awe (Alabama Slam followed by Elbow Drop to lower abdomen)
    • All varieties of Neckbreakers
    • Swinging Neckbreakers
    • Any style of DDT
    • Headlock & Sleeper Holds
    • Variety of Suplexes
    • Variety of Slams
    • Powerbombs
    • Fujiwara Armbar
    • Crippler Crossface
    • Texas Cloverleaf
    • Haas of Pain
  • Moveset overview: Standard submission moveset, combined with heavy power moves and some stiff brawling. Commonly employs the Fujiwara Armbar, the Crippler Crossface, Texas Cloverleaf, and Haas of Pain as setup submission holds. Uses a series of moves designed to weaken the head and neck region for The Deep Sleep, including neckbreakers, swinging neckbreakers, standard headlocks and sleeper holds, and 7 different varieties of DDT. Also very proficient in the use of suplexes and slams, using several different types of each, with an affinity for powerbomb-style slams. Most of Morpheus' offense focuses on the head and neck region with the idea that he attacks the head both physically and psychologically to gain the advantage and defeat his opponents. Rarely takes to the air, but when he does can be quite devastating if only due to his mass and power (think Lesnar).
  • Will
    • Play Mind Games
    • Come to the aid of his allies
    • Go hardcore if necessary
    • Focus on an injury
    • Enjoy pain; causing and receiving
    • Only submit under extreme circumstances
    • Adjust his mindset and moveset to counter his opponent
    • Risk himself to save his allies
    • Only go airborne when the stakes are high
    • Enjoy himself
  • Won't
    • Attack allies during a match
    • Allow his allies to be hurt under his watch
    • Back down or step aside for anyone but his allies
    • Overtly cheat unless his opponent does first
    • Show mercy until the bell
    • Be taken lightly
  • Nicknames
    • Morph
    • M
    • Dream
    • The Master of the Dream Realm
    • The Dream Master
    • The Dream King
    • The Nightmare King
    • The Prince of Stories
  • Entrance
    • The lights go out for a moment during the intro of the song, and when the music kicks in, a swirling portal to the Dream Realm opens, and Morpheus steps out onto the rampway, looking around and taking in the crowd. He throws a single fist (or title belt if applicable) into the air as he walks down the ramp toward the ring. He slides under the top rope, crosses to the far croner and ascends to the second turnbuckle. He looks around, serveying the crowd again, then throws both fists in the air (or one fist and one title belt) as he screams (think Triple H here).

  • Theme music
    • "Black Water" by Symphorce (NEW)
    • "Nightmare" by Angel Dust (OLD, Hardcore)

Championships and accomplishments

Cycle Date Position Change Match
8.1 June, 2006 #1 First Apex Morpheus def. Jaro in House of Pain Match
8.2 July, 2006 #6 Fall Retribution def. Morpheus for PWA Hardcore Championship
8.3 August, 2006 #8 Fall 8-Man Tag Loss
17.1 December, 2010 #8 Return Morpheus def. Justus
17.2 February, 2011 #7 Rise Morpheus def. Sheepster
17.3 March, 2011 #8 Fall No Match
17.4 April, 2011 #2 Rise Morpheus def. Sheepster for the World Title
EPIC March 17, 2012 #3 Robbed Morpheus def. Andy Savana to retain the World Title

Match history

Result Record Winner(s) Loser(s) Event Date Notes Score
zPending 38-7-1 Morpheus vs. Pending Pending Pending Pending Pending
zWin 38-7-1 Morpheus CraZe, Zenith, Damien Blaze, White Falcon, & Lacey Valentine LPW Body Count 2014 February, 2014 Retained LPW World Heavyweight Championship in Main Event Final Reckoning Match 4.58
zWin 37-7-1 Morpheus Nigel Vanderbilt Insanity Truth or Dare December 12, 2013 Retained LPW World Heavyweight Championship in Main Event Singles Match 4.60
zWin 36-7-1 Morpheus Phantom Lord Insanity GOLD III October 29, 2013 Retained LPW World Heavyweight Championship in Main Event Singles Match 4.28
zWin 35-7-1 Morpheus THE Mr. David Maverick and Jeff Watson Insanity Triple Threat August 27, 2013 Retained LPW World Heavyweight Championship in Triple Threat Match 4.35
zWin 34-7-1 Morpheus & Damien Blaze Krimson Mask & White Falcon Insanity Tag Team Turmoil July 19, 2013 Tag Team Match 4.40
zWin 33-7-1 Morpheus Azreal LPW Resurrection 2013 May 30, 2013 Retained LPW World Heavyweight Championship in Main Event Singles Match 4.38
zWin 32-7-1 Morpheus Krimson Mask Insanity LIVE! from Indianapolis April 26, 2013 Main Event Singles Match 4.34
zLoss 31-7-1 Mr. Golden & Sixx King Azreal & Morpheus (c) LPW Honor Roll 2013 February 21, 2013 Lost the LPW Undisputed World Tag Team Championship 4.15
zWin 31-6-1 Morpheus (c) Nigel Vanderbilt Insanity LIVE! from Chicago January 16, 2013 Retained LPW World Heavyweight Championship in a Main Event Lumberjack Match w/ Special Referee Phantom Lord 4.42
zWin 30-6-1 Azreal & Morpheus (c) Lacey Valentine & April Montenegro Insanity LIVE! from St. Cloud November 19, 2012 Retained the LPW Undisputed World Tag Team Championship: Morpheus named Azreal's new partner after Steve Storme was fired from Insanity. Azreal retained, Morpheus became. 4.63
zLoss 29-7-1 Tromboner Man Morpheus Altered Reality 6 August 27, 2012 Lost Martinez Cup Match 4.81
zWin 29-6-1 Morpheus (c) Bobino Ragnarok July 4, 2012 Retained the LPW World Heavyweight Championship after Bobino cashed in his Owner's Cup 4.68
zWin 28-6-1 Morpheus (c) Azreal, Big B. Brown, Krimson Mask, Nigel Vanderbilt, Ultramarcus Ragnarok July 4, 2012 Retained LPW World Heavyweight Championship in the DeathCube Match 4.68
zWin 27-6-1 Morpheus (c) Jeff Watson Insanity LIVE! from Berlin May 24, 2012 Retained LPW World Heavyweight Championship in Main Event Singles Match 4.66
zWin 26-6-1 Tromboner Man, Ken Ryans, Jeff Watson, Eddie B. & Morpheus cYnical, White Falcon, Styxx, Seth Omega & Big B. Brown Pyromania 20.3 May 22, 2012 10 Man Captain's Fall Elimination Tag Match 4.46
zWin 25-6-1 Morpheus (c) Big B. Brown Insanity: GOLD II April 26, 2012 Retained LPW World Heavyweight Championship in Main Event Singles Match 4.36
zWin 24-6-1 Morpheus (c) Phantom Lord Vertigo 4.1 March 19, 2012 Retained LPW World Heavyweight Championship in Main Event Singles Match 4.33
zWin 23-6-1 Morpheus (c) Andy Savana LPW Epic (2012) February 28, 2012 Retained LPW World Heavyweight Championship in Main Event Singles Match 4.40
Forfeit 22-6-1 cYnical 30 LPW Stars (including Morpheus) LPW Redemption (2012) February 16, 2012 31-Man Redemption Rumble Match; **Morpheus forfeited the match 0.00**
zWin 22-6-1 Morpheus (c) Big B. Brown LPW All-Stars (2012) January 13, 2012 Retained LPW World Heavyweight Championship in Main Event Singles Match 4.45
zWin 21-6-1 Morpheus Sean Jensen, Damien Blaze, Dick Dynamo, Ozzy Crerar, Kaiser Teiwaz, and Paul Brooks Vertigo All Stars January 11, 2012 Damion Kross' Redemption Match - No Pinfalls, Submissions, Countouts, or Disqualifications 4.38
zLoss 20-6-1 Andy Savana and cYnical Morpheus and Big B. Brown Insanity LIVE from Transylvania December 12, 2011 Tag Team Main Event Match 4.20
zWin 20-5-1 Ultramarcus and Morpheus Chris Project and Magic Vertigo 3.2 November 7, 2011 Tag Team Match 4.30
zWin 19-5-1 Morpheus, cYnical, Ultramarcus, and Azreal Tromboner Man, Styxx, Ryan James, and Sean Jensen Insanity LIVE from Miami October 15, 2011 Team Insanity vs. Team Pyromania
Eight-Man Altered Reality Teaser Main Event Match
zWin 18-5-1 Morpheus (c) Seth Omega and The Rabbi At All Costs September 12, 2011 Retained LPW World Heavyweight Championship in Main Event Triple Threat Match 4.66
zWin 17-5-1 Morpheus (c) cYnical Insanity: GOLD June 16, 2011 Retained LPW World Heavyweight Championship in Main Event Singles Match 4.50
zWin 16-5-1 Morpheus Sheepster (c) Insanity LIVE from Springfield March 7, 2011 Won LPW World Heavyweight Championship in Main Event Singles Match 4.47
zWin 15-5-1 Morpheus Sheepster Honor Roll (2011) January 14, 2011 Non-Title Singles Match 4.17
zWin 14-5-1 Morpheus Justus Pyromania 17.1 December 9, 2010 Singles Return Match 4.36
zLoss 13-5-1 Team SoL (Solomon Idol, X, and The Witnesses) Team Morpheus (Morpheus, Bloodrose, Spectre, and Soul Reaper) Altered Reality III November 1, 2006 4-on-4 Tag Team Elimination Match
(Morpheus had left PWA with Pyrogate)
zLoss 13-4-1 Zuma Morpheus One Way Ticket (2006) September 22, 2006 Thunderdome Match
(Morpheus had left PWA with Pyrogate)
zLoss 13-3-1 Jaro, Bloodrose, Zuma, and Son of Repoman Robb Larsen, cYnical, Morpheus, and BiggiE Pyromania 8.3 August 24, 2006 Tag Team Elimination Match 4.22
zLoss 13-2-1 Retribution Morpheus (c) Pyromania 8.2 July, 2006 Lost PWA Hardcore Championship 4.08
zWin 13-1-1 Morpheus Jaro Pyromania 8.1 June, 2006 Non-Title House Of Pain Match 4.85
zWin 12-1-1 Morpheus Zuma, Bloodrose, Son of Repoman, Bat-Robb, and N'itomniskittel Capital Punishment (2006) May, 2006 Won Escape Artist Tournament in Elimination Chamber. Morpheus won GM responsibility for Pyromania 8.1. 4.79
zWin 11-1-1 Morpheus (Zuma, Bloodrose, Son of Repoman, Bat-Robb, and N'itomniskittel also advanced) Blackwell, Paper Bag Man, Animal, S.S.D.D., Super Stallion, The Chosen One, and BiggiE Pyromania 7.4 April, 2006 Escape Artist Tournament:
Semifinal Handcuff Battle Royal
zWin 10-1-1 Morpheus, Blackwell, Super Stallion, and S.S.D.D. Sheepster, Styxx, Chad Matthews, and Rainman Pyromania 7.3 March, 2006 Escape Artist Tournament:
First Round 8-Man Tag Team Match
zWin 9-1-1 The Paragon (Jaro and Morpheus) cYnical and Styxx Pyromania 7.2 March, 2006 Tag Team Match 4.35
zWin 8-1-1 Morpheus cYnical Pyromania 7.1 March, 2006 Singles Match 4.45
zWin 7-1-1 Morpheus (c) Styxx Prevalence (2006) February, 2006 Retained PWA Hardcore Championship ---
zWin 6-1-1 Morpheus Austin Pyromania 6.4 January, 2006 Singles Match ---
zWin 5-1-1 Morpheus Son of Repoman Pyromania 6.3 January, 2006 Main Event Singles Match ---
zWin 4-1-1 Morpheus (c) Snowman Pyromania 6.1 November, 2005 Retained PWA Hardcore Championship ---
zWin 3-1-1 Morpheus Styxx (c), Robb, WLK, and Dubzilla Rumble In The Bronx October, 2005 Won PWA Hardcore Championship in 5-Man "Escape From New York" Hardcore Match 4.33
zWin 2-1-1 Morpheus, Robb, WLK, and Dubzilla S.S.D.D., Projekt, Rainman, and BC Pyromania 5.4 September, 2005 8-Way "Escape From New York" Qualifying Steel Cage Match ---
zLoss 1-1-1 cYnical Morpheus Pyromania 5.3 August, 2005 Singles Match 0.00
zWin 1-0-1 Morpheus Rainman Pyromania 5.2 July, 2005 Singles Match ---
zDraw 0-0-1 Morpheus fought Spark to a Draw Pyromania 5.1 July, 2005 Debut Match - Singles ---
Promo score is a rating which ranges from 0.0 to 5.0, the latter being the highest. Promos are judged to determine the better promo between e-wrestling competitors.

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