Lpw killswitch insanity roster
Billing information
Born April 20, 1986
Height 6'3
Weight 230 lbs.
Billed From Flag of Canada Edmonton, Alberta
Music "God Am" by Alice in Chains
Affiliation None
Wrestling information
Alignment Heel
Style Brawler
Match history
13 wins
17 losses
Trophy case
Currently none

Killswitch (born Ryan Andre James in Edmonton, Alberta), previously known by his ring name Ryan James, is a Canadian e-wrestler currently working for Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) on it's Insanity brand.

His career caught on for his role in the Fun Police, playing the ultra-serious companion to the idiotic misadventures of Tromboner Man, RaTo, and Daniel Oakley. After the group fell apart, he struck out on his own as a singles competitor, becoming a fugitive against the Canadian government. He returned to LPW in 2014, having been converted to the The Prophecy of Violence by Sean Jensen.

Early lifeEdit

Killswitch was born Ryan Andre James on April 20, 1986 in Edmonton, Alberta. He was born to religious, almost zealot parents who raised him by the letter of the Bible, although James never accepted these teachings. At the age of 16, he struck out on his own, and lived in poverty in Ottawa, Ontario for a year. It was at this point that he was found by recruiters for the Canadian Governments new Canadian Dominance Program. He was recruited, and rose through the rankings quickly due to his dedication to the cause of Canadian Supremacy. He was finally set to be placed in the field, and was asked what he wanted. Being a wrestling fan, he decided to ply his craft with LPW, where he was assigned to push the Canadian cause.


Ryan, who took on the ring name Killswitch, made his LPW debut at LPW Dead Reckoning in a Rookies Battle Royal, in a losing cause. He would go on to lose several more matches, before engaging in a feud with Sean Jensen. The two traded jabs and interference in each others matches, culminating in a Barbed Wire Salt Pit Match at Redemption, which Killswitch lost. At Altered Reality IV, he teamed with Daniel Oakley, defeating six other teams to win a shot at the LPW Undisputed Tag Team Titles.

The Fun PoliceEdit

After their victory at AR4, Killswitch was invited to join the Fun Police, headed by Tromboner Man and RaTo. Although he was put off by the groups idiocy, he agreed, as he had a tag title shot with Oakley. Oakley and Killswitch would only team twice more, defeating Sean Jensen and Glenn Masters at Homecoming, and losing to cYnical and Sudden Death at Insanity Wakiki Beach. He gained his first singles victory over Genocide at Honor Roll. . After this, Oakley would compete once more, then leave LPW. Killswitch remained with the Fun Police for a short while, but after RaTo left LPW, the group fell apart, and Killswitch struck out on his own as a singles wrestler.

Singles Competition and Teaming with Villiano 187 Edit

After striking out on his own, Killswitch experience several ups and downs. At Resurrection, he defeated Joey Sosa, Shock, Kafu and Saint Steve to become the #1 Contender for the Hardcore Championship. In a post match interview, he would crumple up his tag team title shot, which was later taken. At Insanity LIVE from Sydney, he teamed with Villiano 187, defeating Psych Ward, forming only his second multi-match winning streak. He went on to lose to Hatchet Ryda, the Hardcore Champion, at Insanity LIVE from Athens. He was unable to secure the Body Count points required to enter the DeathCube. He faced Aran Matthews at Body Count, defeating him by shocking him with a cattle prod. He tagged with Villiano 187 again, in a losing effort to The Watchmen. He later found out that he had been traded to LPW Inferno.

Return to Pyromania and DepartureEdit

Upon his return to Inferno (renamed Pyromania), the recently reformed Ryan was immediately involved in the LPW TV Title race. Following a loss in a cross promotional match against Andy Savana, he competed against Bobino in a "win and in" match for a spot in a triple threat TV Title match, once again coming up short. At Altered Reality V he captained team Pyromania to its only victory of the night. At 17.1, the Phoenix Cup was announced, and he tagged with newcomer DeSean J. Connery, earning the victory. He competed in the second round of the Cup, a battle royal at Honor Roll. He came up short, but finished in the top 4, good enough to earn him a birth in the semi-finals. At 17.3, he faced Sean Jensen in a rematch of their bout at LPW Redemption (2008), this time coming out victorious, avenging his loss to his biggest rival. With the win, he advances to the Phoenix Cup Final, where he'll face DeSean J. Connery. He failed to win the Phoenix Cup, and was extremely emotional backstage, where he contemplated retirement.

He meandered on cards for a time before becoming disillusion with wrestling and left LPW. He eventually become Prime Minister of Canada, although he was overthrown and imprisoned shortly after. During his time in isolation, he went slowly insane and lost control of himself to Killswitch. He was later found by Sean Jensen, and recruited to the Prophecy of Violence.

Return and The Prophecy of ViolenceEdit

Killswitch returned to LPW along with Sean Jensen and Daniel Purser as a member of The Prophecy of Violence. Although Purser would soon leave the group, the pair of Killswitch and Jensen would secure a win in their return match against The Monarchy, the team of Ultramarcus and Monroe.

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • Coup de Grace (Diamond Cutter)
    • Niagara Falls (Rolling fireman's carry slam)
  • Favorite Moves
    • Stalled vertical suplex
    • Northern lights suplex
    • Running big boot
    • Sitout rear mat slam
    • Gut wrench powerbomb
    • European uppercut
    • Impaler DDT
    • Reverse STO
    • Sharpshooter
    • Rolling Cutter
  • Theme music
    • "If You Want Peace...Prepare For War" by Children of Bodom (As Killswitch with POV)
    • "Strength in Numbers" by Times of Grace (As Ryan James)

Match historyEdit

Result Record Winner(s) Loser(s) Event Date Notes Score
zWin 13-17 The Prophecy of Violence (Killswitch and Sean Jensen) The Monarchy (Ultramarcus and Monroe) LPW pYromania and Insanity Presents: SuperCycle 23.1 April 13, 2014 Killswitch pinned Monroe after a double cutter 3.79
zLoss 12-17 DeSean J. Connery Ryan James, Ultramarcus, Ken Ryans, Styxx, Xander Cross LPW Sacrificial Creed Sept 4, 2011 DJC pinned James after a SOAP TO YA DOME, BITCH 0.00
zLoss 12-16 Dick Dynamo Ryan James Pyromania 18.4 August 2, 2011 Dynamo pinned James after a Dragon Twister 4.08
zLoss 12-15 Australis (Zenith, Kaptain Krossbones Kafu & Mooroopna Mayamaya) Ryan James, Justus & DeSean J. Connery Pyromania 18.2 June 8, 2011 Zenith pinned Justus after a Limit Buster 3.94
zWin 12-14 Ryan James Justus Pyromania 18.1 May 1, 2011 James pinned Justus after a Freedom Fall 3.53
zLoss 11-14 Tromboner Man Ryan James LPW One Way Ticket (2011) April 2011 For the LPW Western States Heritage Championship 4.08
zLoss 11-13 DeSean J. Connery Ryan James Pyromania 17.4 February 2011 Phoenix Cup Final 3.95
zWin 11-12 Ryan James Sean Jensen LPW Pyromania 17.3: Pick Your Poison Febuary, 2011 Third round of the Phoenix Cup; Singles match; Advances to Phoenix Cup Final 4.05
zWin 10-12 DeSean J. Connery (Overall winner), Sean Jensen, Ryan James and Cripsy Atlas Adams, Dick Dynamo, MC Steel andBobino Honor Roll January 14, 2011 Second round of Phoenix Cup; 8-Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal (Finished 3rd) 3.75
zWin 9-12 Killswitch and DeSean J. Connery Bobino and Alexander Crysto Pyromania 17.1 December 9, 2010 First round of Phoenix Cup; Tag Team match 2.69
zWin 8-12 Team Pyromania (Ryan James, Haemoglobin, Big B. Brown, Atlas Adams, and Ian Oberon) Team Insanity (Blackwell, Dick Dynamo, MC Steel, Richard Michaels, and Son of Shockey) Altered Reality V October 22, 2010 5-on-5 Tag Team Elimination match. Adams, Haemoglobin, Brown, and Killswitch were survivors 3.9
zLoss 7-12 Bobino Killswitch Inferno 16.2 April, 2010 Win and In Match N/A
zLoss 7-11 Andy Savana Killswitch Inferno 16.1 March 7, 2010 Singles Match 3.37
zWin 7-10 Killswitch Cripsy LPW Inferno 15.3: Night of Champions 5 December, 2009 Pre-show N/A
zLoss 6-10 Watchmen (Justus and Black Reaper) Killswitch and Villiano 187 Insanity LIVE from Woodstock 15 September, 2009 Tag Team match 4.15
zWin 6-9 Killswitch Aran Matthews Body Count 17 August, 2009 Backstage Brawl 3.64
zLoss 5-9 Hatchet Ryda 19 other LPW superstars Insanity LIVE from Glasgow 19 July, 2009 Royal Beanstalk match for +19 Body Count points 3.62
zLoss 5-8 Eddie B. Killswitch, cYnical, Kieran Williams, Black Ada, and Son of Shockey Insanity LIVE from USS Bainbridge 19 June, 2009 Four Corners Six-Way Elimination match for +5 Body Count points 3.57
zLoss 5-7 Hatchet Ryda (c) Killswitch Insanity LIVE from Athens 22 May, 2009 LPW Hardcore Championship match for +1 Body Count point 0.00
zWin 5-6 Killswitch and Villiano 187 Hatchet Ryda and Blackwell Insanity LIVE from Sydney 22 April, 2009 Tag Team match for +2 Body Count points 3.88
zWin 4-6 Killswitch Joey Sosa, Shock, Kafu, and Saint Steve Resurrection 23 March, 2009 Hardcore Gauntlet to determine Number One Contender to LPW Hardcore Championship 3.82
zLoss 3-6 cYnical and Sudden Death Fun Police (RaTo, Killswitch, and Daniel Oakley Insanity LIVE from Waikiki Beach 22 February, 2009 Six-man Tag Team match 0.00
zWin 3-5 Killswitch Genocide Honor Roll 13 January, 2009 Pre-show main event match 3.43
zLoss 2-5 Andy Savana Killswitch Insanity LIVE from San Antonio 15 November, 2008 The Exciting Adventures of the Transatlantic Championship Quarterfinal match 0.00
zWin 2-4 Killswitch and Daniel Oakley Sean Jensen and Glenn Masters Homecoming (2008) 15 October, 2008 Tag Team match. Later during the show, Killswitch was drafted with the 33th overall pick to Insanity N/A
zWin 1-4 Killswitch and Daniel Oakley 6 other teams Altered Reality IV 6 September, 2008 Tag Team Battle Royal where winners gained shot at the LPW Undisputed World Tag Team Championship N/A
zLoss 0-4 Sean Jensen Killswitch Redemption 22 July, 2008 Singles match N/A
Promo score is a rating which ranges from 0.0 to 5.0, the latter being the highest. Promos are judged to determine the better promo between e-wrestling competitors.'''

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