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Billing information
Born November 12, 1986
Height 6 ft. 1 in.
Weight 214 lb.
Billed From Flag of Ireland.png Galway, Ireland
Music "The Devil Takes Care of His Own" by Band of Skulls
Affiliation Sixx Karat Gold
Wrestling information
Alignment Heel
Style Technical
Match history
15 wins
5 losses
Trophy case
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Golden (formerly known as Mr. Golden) is an Irish professional wrestler, who is currently signed to Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) performing on its Pyromania brand.


Golden came in to LPW as an escape to a complicated home life. He made a huge impact in his rookie year, claiming the LPW Pure Title by defeating Daniel Purser. Golden found a friend in Sixx King and together they formed Sixx Karat Gold.

SKG took it upon themselves to conquer the tag division and set upon achieving their goals by any means possible. After hospitalising Lacey Valentine, the girlfriend of then tag champion Azreal, during a match involving the two SKG showed what they were willing to do to complete their quest.

When SKG finally got their shot at gold they took advantage of a dispute between then champs Awakened, with Golden pinning Morpheus to win the LPW Tag Team Championship.

Having spent over a year as LPW Pure Champion, Golden now has his eyes set on claiming more championships. 

In wrestling[]

  • Finishing moves
    • Golden Cross (LaBell Lock)
    • Gold Rush (Rock Bottom, with the opponent landing on his upper back/neck area with his feet in the air at the time of impact)
    • The Midas Touch (Top turnbuckle shoulder thrust)
  • Favourite moves
    • Good as Gold (Seated Surfboard, kneeling with one knee in victim's back, pulling on arms to stretch the spine)
    • 24 Carrot Gold Chickenwing facebuster)
    • Short-arm clothesline
    • Spinning headlock elbow drop
    • Gamengiri
    • Spinning heel kick
    • European uppercut
    • Cobra clutch bulldog
    • Facebreaker DDT
    • Snapmare neckbreaker
    • Front chancery
    • Stepover armlock camel clutch
    • Figure-four necklock
    • Tonga death grip
    • Rolling stunner
  • Will
    • Focus on attacking specific area's of his opponent, e.g. head.
    • Apply submission maneuvers whenever possible.
    • Play to the crowd.
    • Fluff the ego of those he thinks will help his progression.
    • Get involved in situations he thinks may rise his profile.
    • Rarely back down from a challenge
  • Nickname
    • The Man with the Midas Touch
  • Theme music
    • "The Devil Takes Care of His Own" by Band of Skulls
  • Entrance
    • As the first chord of 'The Devil Takes Care of His Own' booms through the arena Mr. Golden walks out onto the top of the ramp. He mouths to the camera "You can't stop me". When the second guitar kicks in golden pyro's go off at either side of him and he begins his descent to the ring, riling up the crowd as he walks. He slides into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, puffing his chest out and scanning the crowd with disdain.

Championships and accomplishments[]

Match history[]

Result Record Winner(s) Loser(s) Event Date Notes Score
zWin 15-5 Golden and Drew Michaels Nigel Vanderbilt and Wevv Mang LWP All-Stars March, 2014 Hardcore Elimination Tag Match 4.16
zLoss 14-5 Mourn Golden LPW The Rising December, 2013 Pure Title Championship Match 4.06
zWin 14-4 Golden and Mourn Tromboner Man and Big Bea Brown Pyro 22.4 November, 2013 Tag Match 3.77
zWin 13-4 Golden and Mourn Bronx and McDaygo Pyro 22.3 September, 2013 Tag Match 4.25
zWin 12-4 Golden X Pyro 22.2 August, 2013 Singles Match 4.10
zWin 11-4 SKG TBM andd BBB Pyro 22.1 June, 2013 Tag Match 3.96
zLoss 10-4 Blondetourage SKG LPW Resurrection June, 2013 LPW World Tag Title Match 3.91
zWin 10-3 Golden (c) Jeff Watson One Way Ticket May, 2013 Pure Title Championship Match 4.1
zWin 9-3 Golden (c) Jeff Watson LPW Pyromania 21.4 March, 2013 Pure Title Championship Match 3.98
zWin 8-3 Golden and Sixx King Awakened (Azreal and Morpheus) Honor Roll Feb, 2013 LPW World Tag Title Match 4.11
zWin 7-3 Golden and Sixx King ([Christian Parkes] and [Jeff Watson]) LPW Pyromania December, 2012 Tag Match 4.10
zWin 6-3 Golden ([Daniel Purser]) Vertigo November, 2012 Pure Championship Match 3.92
zWin 5-3 Mr. Golden and Sixx King (Daientine and CraZe) Homecoming September, 2012 Tag Team match 4.00
zLoss 4-3 Insanity Pyromania Altered Reality August, 2012 Tag Team Elimination Match 4.18
zWin 4-2 Mr. Golden and Sixx King Altered State (Trey Spruance and Paul Brooks) Vertigo July 4, 2012 Tag Team match 3.82
zWin 3-2 Mr. Golden Dick Dynamo Pyromania 20.2' April 22, 2012 "Pick Your Poison" match 4.10
zWin 2-2 Mr. Golden Dazz Andrews Pyromania 20.1 March 23, 2012 LPW Hardcore Championship match 4.08
zLoss 1-2 Zenith Mr. Golden All-Stars January 13, 2012 LPW Hardcore Championship match 3.88
zWin 1-1 Mr. Golden The Peep's Champ Pyromania 19.3 December 7, 2011 LPW Hardcore Championship Contenders Redemption match 3.82
zLoss 0-1 Tromboner Man 7 Pyromania superstars Vertigo 3.2 November 13, 2011 LPW International Heavyweight Championship match 3.70
Promo score is a rating which ranges from 0.0 to 5.0, the latter being the highest. Promos are judged to determine the better promo between e-wrestling competitors.

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