An e-wrestler is the character which is played by most handlers in e-wrestling, and is the virtual wrestler which handlers control in whichever e-federation they are in. E-wrestlers often have varying degrees of skill, often directly related to the role-playing skill of their handler, and have varying degrees of personality and character.

Although some federations use real wrestlers, most are full of original e-wrestlers, with bases and gimmicks ranging from the serious and dark to the comical and light-hearted. In e-wrestling communities, many handlers are known better by their characters name than by their own. Normally, a person would have just the one e wrestler, but, sometimes to either bring up a federation in e-wrestling, they may choose two, or three e wrestlers, in order to have more e-wrestlers fighting.

E-wrestling is often done on forums, but can be done on other sites.

E-fedding is a difficult business for the owner of the e-federation, they must judge every roleplay done by the members of the fed and get the results done on time and make them decent enough for people to understand them. Some fedheads are not up to the challenge and quit, that is why e-fedding is slowly becoming a dying race, but some still hold the banner that is e-fedding, such as LPW.