An e-federation (also formatted eFederation, and spelt e-fed or fed) is, in e-wrestling, a fantasy wrestling federation. Like in 'real' wrestling, e-federations run (often) weekly shows, along with occasional pay-per-view events, with the results decided depending on the type of federation that it is.

E-federations have been in existence since the start of e-wrestling, and most matches take place in them. Until recent years all federations ran with the winner of a match being the one who submitted the best roleplay(s), but recently federations with different formats have begun to emerge.

Types of e-federation Edit

  • Roleplay federations - All matches are decided by the judges on that given match. The winner is the best roleplayer for that event. Strict RP federations don't take angles into account at al;, whereas some may show traits of a hybrid federation, and don't normally last long.
  • Angle federations - Matches are decided by the handlers. Although less competitive, angle federations often produce better cards, matches and storylines than roleplay ones. Some handlers are attracted by a lower workload, especially if they have difficulty writing a full roleplay each week.
  • Hybrid federations - Matches are decided by a combination of roleplay and angle aspects. Some exist with a tilt toward one type of federation (for example, 60% angle federations). These are popular with 'fedheads' and handlers, as roleplays are not as long-winded as roleplay federations, but are still important. A lot of recent, top federations have been hybrids, and they have quickly been the most popular type of federation.
  • Game federations - These federations use various game systems, such as the match simulators in video games or dice systems to determine wins. These federations are rare online, and none are of high significance.
  • Match Writing federations - E-federation concentrated around members of it in a scheduled match, writing wrestling matches for a wrestling event in competing against each other to determine a winner. This is a preference instead of roleplaying in which some 'fedheads' (or owners) would rather incorporate to decide matches. This fashion of e-fedding ranks just below the roleplay, angle, and hybrid feds.

Communities of federations also exist, in the form of interfederations.