The Apex 15 (fornerly known as the Apex 30 and the Apex 25) is a ranking system used by Lords of Pain Wrestling (LPW) to rank its top 15 e-wrestlers. The rankings are based on victories, quality of competition, momentum, and overall in-ring dominance.

After disappering after the 14 cycle, the Apex made a comeback after 17.1, using the results of Altered Reality V, Homecoming and Insanity LIVE from the Norfolk Scope and Pyromania 17.1. After a break, it returned in 2012 as the Apex 15.

Top TensEdit

Season 3Edit

Cycle 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
8.1 Morpheus D.H. Samuels Pen Jaro Son of Repoman SoL cYnical Wevv Mang The Witnesses Bloodrose
8.2 Jaro Pen D.H. Samuels Son of Repoman Bloodrose Morpheus The Witnesses SoL Wevv Mang Showstoppa
8.3 Jaro Pen D.H. Samuels Bloodrose Son of Repoman SoL The Witnesses Morpheus Sheepster & Styxx Showstoppa
8.4 No rankings.
8.5 No rankings.

Season 4Edit

Cycle 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
9.0 D.H. Samuels cYnical Headbanger N'itomniskittel The Rabbi Bloodrose Al Robert Lillehammer Spectre X
9.1 D.H. Samuels Headbanger cYnical N'itomniskittel Bloodrose Al Rabbi The Witnesses X Robert Lillehammer
9.2 D.H. Samuels X N'itomniskittel Robert Lillehammer The Witnesses Headbanger Lost Prophets Al cYnical Bloodrose
9.3 D.H. Samuels Lost Prophets Headbanger Al Bloodrose Robert Lillehammer Krimson Mask X Public Enemy #1 Red Dragon & Styxx
9.4 D.H. Samuels Lost Prophets Headbanger Public Enemy #1 Al Bloodrose Krimson Mask X cYnical SoL
9.5 No rankings.
10.1 No rankings.
10.2 No rankings.
10.3 Lost Prophets D.H. Samuels Damion Kross Krimson Mask Bloodrose Headbanger The Rik Al Styxx White Falcon
10.4 Damion Kross D.H. Samuels Lost Prophets Krimson Mask Headbanger Styxx White Falcon cYnical Bloodrose The Rik
10.5 Krimson Mask D.H. Samuels White Falcon Drew Michaels Styxx Zuma Lost Prophets Bloodrose cYnical MWA
11.1 No rankings.
11.2 No rankings.
11.3 No rankings.
11.4 No rankings.
11.5 Krimson Mask Drew Michaels White Falcon D.H. Samuels Wevv Mang The Rik cYnical S.O.R. MWA Mass Chaos
12.1 Krimson Mask Drew Michaels The Rik Wevv Mang White Falcon cYnical D.H. Samuels Mass Chaos S.O.R. Dark Brotherhood
12.2 Krimson Mask Wevv Mang White Falcon Drew Michaels S.O.R. The Rik D.H. Samuels Innilock cYnical Wild Card Warriors
12.3 Drew Michaels Wevv Mang Krimson Mask cYnical The Rik White Falcon Innilock MWA S.O.R. Wild Card Warriors
12.4 Drew Michaels cYnical White Falcon MWA N'itomniskittel Sheepster Krimson Mask Ken Ryans Wevv Mang The Rik
12.5 No rankings.

Season 5Edit

Cycle 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
13.0 No rankings.
13.1 No rankings.
13.2 No rankings.
13.3 MWA Wevv Mang Drew Michaels X Eddie B. cYnical Krimson Mask NPD Ash Strife White Falcon
13.4 X MWA White Falcon Wevv Mang cYnical Drew Michaels Ash Strife Eddie B. Hatchet Ryda Krimson Mask
13.5 X MWA Ash Strife Krimson Mask Al Hatchet Ryda Jude Maxwell White Falcon Mass Chaos Wevv Mang
14.1 Krimson Mask X Ash Strife MWA Jude Maxwell Al White Falcon Hatchet Ryda Wevv Mang cYnical
14.2 Ash Strife Krimson Mask Al X Hatchet Ryda Jude Maxwell Wevv Mang Tromboner Man The Rabbi cYnical
14.3 Al Krimson Mask The Rabbi Jude Maxwell Ash Strife X Eddie B. Villiano 187 Hatchet Ryda Styxx
14.4 Jude Maxwell Al Hatchet Ryda Krimson Mask Eddie B. Villiano 187 The Rabbi Styxx Wevv Mang Ash Strife
14.5 Jude Maxwell Hatchet Ryda Eddie B. Al Madcore Misfits Villiano 187 The Rabbi Ash Strife Krimson Mask Wevv Mang

Season 6Edit

Edition 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Dec. 2010 Ash Strife Ken Ryans Styxx Jude Maxwell X cYnical Sheepster Morpheus Ultramarcus Tromboner Man
Feb. 2011 Ash Strife Ken Ryans Jude Maxwell Watchmen Ultramarcus Styxx Morpheus Tromboner Man X cYnical
March 2011 Ken Ryans Watchmen Ash Strife Tromboner Man Jude Maxwell Sheepster Styxx Morpheus Ultramarcus Big B. Brown
April 2011 Ken Ryans Morpheus Tromboner Man Watchmen Styxx The Wisemen Big B. Brown Eddie B. Sheepster Jude Maxwell
March 2012 Tromboner Man cYnical Morpheus Steve Storme Ultramarcus Styxx Ken Ryans Azreal Ozzy Crerar Daientine
April 2012 Steve Storme Tromboner Man Styxx cYnical Morpheus Ultramarcus Azreal Ken Ryans Big B. Brown Daniel Purser

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